This is History

Good morning, class.










Wilpon? Wilpon?

(Wilpon’s skipping, he’s lucky his father’s got money, or at least the appearance of it, or he’d never go anywhere in life)

Okay, class, we left off yesterday at…anyone? Anyone? September 19th, 2014. On September 20th, 2014, the Mets played…anyone? Anyone? The Atlanta Braves. The starting pitcher for the Mets was…anyone? Anyone remember? Jon Niese. He faced the Braves starter…anyone? Anyone know the answer? Mike Minor. Did Mike Minor make it through five innings? Anyone? Anyone? No, he did not. Jon Niese, on the other hand, pitched…anyone? Anyone? How many innings? Seven and a third. He pitched seven and a third innings, and gave up…anyone? Anyone? Two earned runs. Meanwhile, Dilson Herrera drove in two runs with a…anyone? Anyone? Home run. He also hit an…anyone? A certain kind of single? An infield single. After hitting his infield single, he left with an injury to his…anyone? Something-string? His hamstring. Curtis Granderson also hit a home run, and Niese left in the eighth, and…anyone? Anyone? Carlos Torres came in, and…Anyone? Did he get out of a jam? Anyone? Yes, he got out of a jam, and the Mets led by a score of…anyone? Anyone? 4-2. It was 4-2. And in the ninth, Jenrry Mejia came in and…anyone? Anyone? Struck out the first batter. Then he gave up a…anyone? It’s something you do with a piñata? A hit. After that…anyone? Did he get the next out? Yes. The next batter, Ryan Doumit, hit a…anyone? A certain kind of ground ball? Anyone? A hard ground ball to the first baseman…anyone? Anyone? Lucas something? Lucas Duda. And Lucas Duda…anyone? Anyone? Did he field it cleanly? No. He knocked it down, and it was fielded by…anyone? Anyone? Wilmer Flores, who threw to first base, where Doumit was…anyone? Anyone? Was he safe? No. He was out, and the Mets…anyone? Anyone? Won, to go to…anyone? What was their record? 75-80…anyone? How many games out of second place? 1.5 games out of second place, behind…anyone? Anyone? The Atlanta Braves. And the following day, the Mets played…anyone? Anyone? The Atlanta Braves again, with…anyone? Anyone? Something deGrom? Jacob deGrom on the mound.

Alright, class, you’re dismissed.


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