Mets Attempt to Correct Fence Problems, Hilarity Ensues

When the Mets take it upon themselves to attempt any grand endeavor, you just know it’s not going to end well. Many fans theorized, with the announcement that the fences would be moved in again, that the Mets would somehow mess it up. Fortunately, I can tell you today that those fans were right.

For many fans, the reason to move the fences in was one particular area of the park – that stupid indent in right field, where Curtis Granderson home runs go to die. It’s clearly visible on the Mets seat map:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 4.58.26 PM

The Mets, on the other hand, decided that that was not the problem. No, they needed to fix the rest of the fence – the parts that were pretty much just normal fence, the parts that never gave anyone problems. Today, several photos were released, showing pretty drastic modifications to the fence in Center and Right-Center field, without showing any changes to the Modells Clubhouse, which is the one area that needs change:

Citi Field Fence renovations, courtesy of @the7line

Another angle, courtesy of @the7line

As you can see, the second picture, which appears to have been taken from the right-field side of Big Apple Reserved, shows a large movement of the fence – at least 10-12 feet, it appears. However, this part of the fence was fine – it was not the problem. The first photo, taken from Modell’s Clubhouse, which is the section of the fence that should be moved in, shows renovations on the right – closer to left field, in other words. If there is any fence movement planned for the Modells Clubhouse itself, it is hidden by the existing fence, but to my eye, at least, it looks like the alcove in the fence is not being changed. I may be wrong – perhaps work in that section will not start until later, or maybe the new fence is just hidden by the current one – but if that alcove is allowed to remain, it will serve as yet another example of the Mets taking on a task, pouring their energy into the wrong parts of it, and leaving the parts that need change unchanged. The alcove is just stupid – it gets into Mets hitters heads, and more importantly, turns one area of the field into, for no apparent reason, a death trap for home runs. Get rid of the alcove, Mets, and I won’t have a problem. Leave the alcove to stand for eternity, and we’ll always wonder how much better Granderson could have been if only he’d been playing in a normal park. Not even a hitter’s park – just a normal park.


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