The Long and Winding Road

Happy New Year, Season’s Greetings, and happy holidays, because thank Tom Seaver, it’s finally 2015.

And now begins the road.

You know the road I’m talking about.  The waiting, the hoping, the mind-numbing discussion, and finally, gloriously, baseball once again.  2014 is over, and so is the 2014 review period.  Now it’s time to look forward.

So goodbye Bobby Abreu, hello John Mayberry.  If you had ’em, you can put away the Gonzalez Germen jerseys, because Matt Harvey is speeding down the highway to recovery, Gil Hodges willing.  It’s out with the old and in with the new, or at least previously unintroduced, and until April 6th, there’s nothing we will see and no one we will hear that can convince us that we don’t have the best darn team in the world, or at least in the city.

Opinions can change quickly – just look at Bobby Parnell pre and post March 31st, 2013 – but when the news is sparse and the getting is pretty damn far from good, nothing can happen that can’t be contradicted  by optimism, hope, and Michael Cuddyer.  So when that Yankees fan who has decided to oppress our happiness brings up the age card, or the talent card, or any of those cards of which Yankees fans never seem to run out of, they’re wrong.  Because until April 6th of the now-current year, we’re even with the best of them.

So here’s lookin’ at you, 2015.  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for us.


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